Digital marketing strategy: companies experience during pandemic

Keywords: promotion strategy, digital marketing, pandemic, budget, financial results, efficiency, prediction


COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes, especially regarding the use of digital technologies in the promotion of goods and services. Digital marketing strategies are widespread in various sectors of the world economy. With the use of digital marketing tools, the companies are able to gain real-time consumer insights, to create and to communicate value to consumers more creatively. This scientific research described proposes to determine the feasibility of using a digital marketing strategy in the context of a limited budget, using the example of an IT company. The results of digital marketing tools were analyzed, management problems according to strategic decisions are identified and the strategy of digital opportunities for the local context was improved. The key factors of digital marketing strategy are usability, tangible value, perceived value, high return, efficiency, quality of digital services, quality of digital information, quality of the digital system, predictability of expected results. The main strategies for promoting goods and services in the digital environment, and expected financial indicators in the context of the chosen strategies and changes in important indicators during a pandemic were considered. Measures for improving the promotion strategy were proposed; they will help maintain an appropriate level of development of the company within the current budget and contribute to its financial stability.

Author Biographies

Nataliia Meshko , Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor

Head of the Department of Marketing and International Management

Anastasiia Savinova, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University



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