Remuneration and incentives for labor in the integrated accounting system

Keywords: remuneration for labor, incentives, budget, responsibility center, analysis, control, integrated accounting


Accounting for labor and remuneration for labor is one of the most important and complex elements in the enterprise's entire accounting system. That is why the problematic issues of accounting for remuneration for labor in combination with budgeting require deep and high-quality research since their solution will positively affect the formation of reliable information on the state of payments for wages of employees of the enterprise and production processes. The article examines the features of the organization of the integrated accounting system. It substantiates the methods and estimates of budget indicators at enterprises to determine the directions for further application. Proposals for improving the system for issuing initial information on accounting and control of labor and its payment are presented.

Author Biography

Alla Dolyuk, Polissya National University

PhD student


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