Forecasting the state of agricultural enterprises based on the results of economic diagnostics

  • Olesia Bezpartochna VUZF University
Keywords: forecasting, resource potential, information support, economic diagnostics, agricultural enterprises


This article is devoted to the study of information support and methodological tools for economic diagnostics of agricultural enterprises, based on the results of which the cost of resource potential predicted. Determined the factors of influence of the internal and external environment on forecasting the cost resource potential of agricultural enterprises. The methodological toolkit for forecasting the cost resource potential of agricultural enterprises used, taking into account the extrapolation of indicators and the coefficient of change. Built the economic-mathematical models for forecasting the general potential of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine. Proposed the scheme of forecasting the state of agricultural enterprises and complex information support the stages of making managerial decisions by the management of agricultural enterprises. For agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, promising directions for the development of economic activities are proposed.

Author Biography

Olesia Bezpartochna, VUZF University

doctorant VUZF


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