Social Entrepreneurship as an Instrument of Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Keywords: labour market, government regulation, social entrepreneurship, mechanism of development of social entrepreneurship


The article describes the features of social entrepreneur development as a way of government regulation of labor market. Different ways of definition “social enterprise” are analyzed. During the research, the models of improvement and development about regulation of this activity in other countries were analyzed. Analyzing the modern models of social entrepreneurship in other countries demonstrates how it is popular and deals with the problems of unemployment and social safety. In the current situation in Ukraine this model of entrepreneurship is not so popular. For the changing situation we described and proposed the mechanism of development of social entrepreneurship. For the more active development of this entrepreneurship model we have proposed: to create, pass and apply the law about social entrepreneurship, which can measure the criteria for this type of activities and the law mechanism to support social entrepreneurship; to spread information about this type of activity through the informational channels; to develop and establish programs about professional education for people, who would like to work at the social entrepreneurship area. The characteristics of social entrepreneurship were compared, charitable organizations and traditional business. Features and criteria, which characterize the social entrepreneurship are described. Experience of developing social entrepreneurship in other countries and the benefits of involving labor force in Ukraine are compared. The methods used for research are comparing and analyzing. The main goal of social entrepreneurship is producing goods and services for solving social problems and searching the ways of improving the economic situation in Ukraine.

Author Biographies

Oleksandra Lysiuk, VUZF University

Doctorant VUZF

Igor Britchenko, State Higher Vocational School Memorial of Prof. Stanislaw Tarnowski in Tarnobrzeg

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Faculty of Technical and EconomicSciences


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