The development of integrated business structures of Ukraine on innovative and investment basis

Keywords: integration, innovations, investments, business structures, agro-industrial complex


The article considers the directions of the development of integrated business structures based on innovation and investment in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. The paradigm of the development and functioning of integrated business structures of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, which intensify the innovative-investment process and network interaction of public-private partnership in a competitive environment, has been implemented. It is proved that the impact of public-private partnership on innovative-investment development and the creation of real value of business structures of the agro-industrial complex should be considered for different periods associated with the appropriate levels of evaluation of their effective cost-oriented platform. The efficiency of the functionality of business structures of the agro-industrial complex, which is characterized from the standpoint of time, level and integrated approaches, is determined. The temporal approach provides the allo-cation of three periods – short-term, medium-term and long-term, for each of which specific criteria for assessing the effectiveness of functionality is determined. A block diagram of qualitative criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of business structures in the introduction of innovations and investments in agriculture from the standpoint of the interests of a group of stakeholders in public-private partnership on a time basis is presented. The comparative characteristics of innovative-investment activity of business structures in high- and low-tech branches of the agro-industrial complex are determined. A model of integrated interaction of network interaction between business structures of the agro-industrial complex, institutes of agricultural development and stakeholders in public-private partnership has been developed. The institutional model of subsystems of the functional mechanism of harmonization of interests of business structures of agro-industrial complex and the state is offered. It is proved that the harmonious state regulation of investment activities of large agricultural producers (agricultural holdings) should be based on administrative, legal, organizational and economic methods and ensure compliance with norms and rules in the investment sphere at the level of relevant structural and functional institutions.

Author Biographies

Natalia Trusova, Banking and Insurance Dmytro Motornyi Tavria State Agrotechnological University 72310, 18 B Khmelnitsky Ave., Melitopol, Ukraine

D.Sc. (Finance), Professor of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance

Oksana Hryvkivska, Ecology and Practical Entrepreneurship European University 02200, 16 B Academician Vernadsky Boulevard, Kyiv, Ukraine

D.Sc. (Finance), Professor of the Department of Economics, Ecology and Practical Entrepreneurship


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