Theoretical aspect of marketing research of the market and its elements

Keywords: marketing, marketing research, market, market analysis, market elements


The article is devoted to the qualitative assessment of marketing research. The essence and role of theoretical features of market research are revealed. The main components of market research are identified. The objective necessity and significance of marketing research and its structural elements in providing competitive advantages to enterprises are analyzed. The work deepens the understanding of the content of the concept of market research, improved the principles of their conduct and the subjective component. The concept and basic provisions of introduction of the effective mechanism of marketing researches of the market, its structural elements which are analyzed in the course of research of demand for the goods are proved. It is proved that market research can be defined as the systematic collection, accounting and analysis of data on marketing and marketing issues in order to improve the quality of decision-making and control procedures in the marketing environment. It is established that currently market research of the market and its structural elements is the basis of successful business. It is recommended to conduct market research to ensure stable and efficient operation of domestic enterprises of various forms of ownership and management.

Author Biographies

Olha Matviiets, Khmelnytskyi National University

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at the International Economic Relations Department

Diana Korpan , Khmelnytskyi National University



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