Role of social sphere in ensuring quality of working life

Keywords: social sphere, quality of working life, social infrastructure, quality of life, social policy


This article is devoted to the study of social sphere and its impact on the process of ensuring quality of working life. Modern tendencies of social sphere and its main components development in the conditions of pandemic spread have been considered. Emphasis is placed on the fact that social sphere as an important component of society support promotes reproduction of human capital, raising living standards, formation of modern developed personality, which directly affects the rate of economic growth and social and economic progress and quality of working life. The essence and features of the relationship between social sphere and the quality of working life have been determined. Indicators of quality of working life, which characterize the level of income of employees; level of labor organization; meaningfulness of labor; employees' career advancement; development of industrial democracy; respect for the individual; perfection of sanitary and hygienic conditions; the state of relations between the trade union and the administration have been reflected. Political, organizational, technological, economic and other factors that shape and influence the level of quality of working life along with the influence of the social sphere have been studied. Subjective factors related to the presence or absence of motivational and personal characteristics necessary for the realization of labor potential of individuals have been described. The key problems of social sphere development and quality of working life in Ukraine are highlighted, among which the insufficient level of social sphere financing has been singled out, which in turn leads to reduction of social infrastructure institutions, critical condition of their fixed capital, low level of salaries in state social institutions. Possible directions of solving the main problems in social sphere in context of interaction of the state, business and society have been offered.

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Kyryliuk , Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Associate Professor of Socioeconomics and Personnel Management Department

Ivan Ryabokon, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Senior Lecturer of Socioeconomics and Personnel Management Department


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