Assessing the impact of globalization on stock market in Ukraine

Keywords: globalization, globalization index, financial crisis, securities market, stock index


The article is devoted to studying the impact of globalization processes on the development of national economies. In particular, the indicators of assessing the impact of globalization on financial and non-financial indicators of countries' development are considered. Attention is paid to the place of Ukraine in the KOF Globalization Index 2020 ranking, namely in terms of economic, social, and political globalization. The author has formed three groups of indicators that allow assessing the influence of globalization on the securities market of a country. The first group includes indicators that help determine the degree of integration of the national securities market into the global one. The second group includes indicators that determine the extent to which domestic securities legislation and principles of securities market regulation are adapted to international standards. The third group of indicators is aimed at quantifying the impact of trends in the global securities market on the national. The article examines the impact of one of the indicators of the third group on the securities market of Ukraine. In particular, the correlation analysis of the relationship between the Ukrainian PFTS index and the indices of American, British, European, and Polish stock markets was conducted. The author made conclusions about the availability of the significant correlation between global stock indices, as well as the weak impact of global securities market trends on the dynamics of the Ukrainian market. It was also revealed during the analysis, that the level of correlation between indices depends on whether the financial market is in crisis. Particularly, the analysis covered three periods: the 2008-2010 financial crisis, the 2020-2021 Covid-19 crisis, and the 2010-2020 period between the crises.

Author Biography

Tetyana Zadorozhna , Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman

Postgraduate, Department of Finance


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