Economic mechanism of urban passenger transport’s sustainable development

Keywords: transport system, passenger transportation, efficiency of transport services, transport model of public services, quality of transport services


The article is designed and formulated to define and ensure sustainable development of urban passenger transport, which is an essential component of the business strategies of enterprises automobile and highway transportation and promoting of the development of transport traffic. The article describes and investigates the current state of infrastructure and activities of urban passenger transport enterprises, namely the quality of services, existing conditions, internal and external factors of development of urban passenger transport enterprises. Covers the main problems of activity in the field of urban passenger transport, offers a methodology for developing measures to ensure sustainable development of urban passenger transport enterprises to maintain the quality and economic efficiency of such enterprises. Thereby providing existing social needs and defines a ways to meet them. The study based the mechanism on the renewal of rolling stock in accordance with the Euro-5 standard (in accordance with the procedure for conducting a tender for passenger transportation and the procedure for state technical inspection) to ensure the environmental component and improve the quality of transport services. The development of the mechanism for ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises is the initial event in the process of ensuring and calculating the effect of the organizational and economic mechanism for ensuring the sustainable development of urban passenger transport enterprises. This mechanism will provide a solid foundation for sustainable development of the transport industry and the creation of a free and competitive market for transport services. It is also necessary to understand the strong factor impact on an extensive system of this scale, so the implementation of this mechanism should prepare not only the calculation of resources for direct support of the process, but also the staff who will coordinate the implementation of the mechanism. The use of such a mechanism encompasses and encourages all participants in the interaction to make certain efforts with motivation for the joint positive effect of its implementation.

Author Biographies

Marharyta Bohachenko, State University «Odessa Polytechnic»

Postgraduate student of the Department of Economics enterprises

Liubov Niekrasova, State University «Odessa Polytechnic»

Doctor of Economics sciences, Professor of Department of Economics enterprises


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