Assessment of the financial stability of the region

Keywords: financial stability of the region, assessment criteria, integrated assessment methodology


The article determines the need to assess the financial sustainability of the regional economy on the example of Donetsk region. The study is based on the development of methods and assessment criteria, which allow to determine the level of financial sustainability of the regional economy. The method of complex assessment, which allows most reliably assess the financial sustainability of the region on the basis of statistical data borrowed from official sources of statistics, has been chosen as an effective assessment tool. Characterization of the region allowed to analyze the processes taking place in the economy of the region. The assessment methodology presented by the author on the basis of financial and economic indicators made it possible to identify the state of the financial system of the regional economy. The application of the methodology of the complex assessment allowed determining the value of the integral index and classifying the level of financial sustainability of the economy of Donetsk region. According to the results of a comprehensive assessment of the financial sustainability of the economy on the example of Donetsk region has identified a number of problems affecting the stability of the financial system. As a solution, the author proposes a set of necessary measures to ensure the sustainable development of the financial system in the region's economy. The practical significance of the research lies in the possibility of applying the methods of assessment of the state and regional authorities and research results for further monitoring and adjustment of the regional policy, which will prevent crisis situations and improve the financial position of the regional economy.

Author Biography

Tetyana Korytko, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Ph. D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Economics


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