Trends and economic forecast of sustainable development of world production of meat and meat products

Keywords: production of meat, meat products, forecast, exports, imports, sustainable production, food security, innovative technologies


The article presents an analysis of the world production of meat and meat products in general, by type and by region, and a forecast for production of poultry meat is calculated. In general, the world market of meat and meat products is characterized by positive trends in increasing production and processing volumes, expanding the range, which is reflected in the level of consumption by the population. In most countries, production of meat and meat products is focused on the domestic market. An assessment of the dynamics of exports and imports of meat and meat products is given, a forecast for world exports of poultry meat is made. The dynamics was studied and a forecast of sustainable production and export of chicken meat in Poland was given. The results of the analysis carried out are necessary to assess the level of food security and its determinants, as well as to develop a strategy that takes into account current trends in the global agriculture food market. Promising directions for sustainable development of the global meat and meat products market have been developed: development and effective use of innovative resource-saving technologies, improving quality and competitiveness of products, taking into account consumer preferences and food personalizing, strengthening national positions and increasing export supplies to the international food market.

Author Biography

Bartosz Mickiewicz, West Pomeranian University of Technology

Doctor of Economics, Professor


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