Global consumer trends for sustainable milk and dairy production

Keywords: sustainable production, milk and dairy products, consumer trends effective integration, global market, cooperation, effective functioning


World production of milk and dairy products is characterized by stable growth dynamics. It has been established that the quality of incoming raw materials, the specialization and organization of the technological process, as well as the peculiarities of the functioning of the food market have a great influence on the creation of sustainable production of milk and dairy products.  Herewith, the development of the market for milk and dairy products is influenced by global consumer trends, such as the growing attention to health care, passion for sports, an active lifestyle and healthy eating. This led to the formation of a market demand for new product formats designed to meet the specific needs of individual consumer groups. The article gives an assessment of the dynamics of world milk production by types, regions, exports and imports of milk and dairy products, and provided forecast of world production and exports of dairy products. The results of the performed analysis are necessary to assess the state and development of the dairy industry in the context of global trends, promising areas for sustainable production and its effective functioning, as well as potential opportunities for cooperation between countries. The most important areas of sustainable production should be further expansion of the market capacity of dairy products by increasing its range, expanding economic and physical accessibility, implementing targeted programs to ensure healthy nutrition of the population, as well as increasing export and logistics potential through effective integration into the global market space.

Author Biographies

Bartosz Mickiewicz, West Pomeranian University of Technology

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Katsiaryna Volkava, Belarusian State University of Food and Chemical Technologies

Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor


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